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Klamperhaus-Hof - Farm Holidays in the Alps
Klamperhaus Hof | Farm Holidays Summer

Mountain Railway

In just a few minutes, our mountain railway will take you to Klausberg and Speikboden and you'll be so much closer to heaven! The railway will take high up in the sky and will put all of our alpine hiking beauty right at your feet. Railways are in use all summer long!

Nature Preserve

The Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Preserve was founded in 1988 and sits adjacent to the Hohe Tauern National Park. In conjunction with the Zillertaler Hauptkamm area, it makes up the biggest alliance of protected sanctuaries in Europe, with a total area of 2,475 square kilometers.
The Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Preserve, with its uniqueness and beauty, is an ideal starting point for unforgettable hiking and mountain tours. Its characteristics are displayed in the abundance of waterfalls, in the spectacles of nature and the beauty of its crystal-clear mountain lakes.

Emergency shelters, alpine farms and mountain huts ('Jausestation')

More than 80 largely glacial 3.000 meter mountain peaks make up the mountain range on the sunny side of the Alps. These mighty mountains connect via a network of paths and walkways as well as countless emergency shelters, alpine farms and mountain huts inviting you for some food and drinks.
These emergency shelters, farms, and huts are ideal for starting points for hiking tours or as a final and very popular destination. There are over 60 emergency shelters, alpine farms, and mountain huts in operation and reach across the entire hiking region.

Informational tours and theme walks

See, listen, feel, and enjoy - the motto of many of our informational routes and theme walks, as well as panorama walks, which will deliver a multitude of impressions.

Mountain biking

Our Ahrntal Valley is not only ideal for hiking and mountain climbing, but mountain bikers and bicyclers alike will get their money's worth. Our Ahrntal Valley allows access to an extensively developed network of bikeways with many different levels of difficulty.